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History About Scaffold

Scaffolding is not a new trend. It goes back in history where it was used for painting purposes. Especially the painting of the ceiling of some rooms or buildings that were really high and were not easily accessible. These were used almost 17,000 years ago. It is also researched that these were used even before the Christ in an era of 5th century. The countries in which these are used at the very beginning include china, Egypt and Greece. Although, the scaffold Sydney that was used in these time were made of the wood and ropes were used for knotting these wooden structures.

Although, the image of the scaffolding in modern era is completely revolutionized. Now a days, many types of scaffolds are being used and different sizes and shapes are also available in these structures. The scaffold companies that are famous for introducing the revolutions in the scaffold trends are the company owned by Daniel Palmer Jones and David Henry Jones. These brothers are usually got famous due to the device that they made as an alternative to the ropes mechanism. This device provided far more power than the knots of ropes. This device was known as Scaffixer.

Today, different scaffold companies are producing the scaffold according to the performance requirements. But these requirements are however have no link to the material that is used in the scaffold. Although, it is kept in mind that whatever material is used to construct the scaffold, it must fulfill the basic purpose that is to provide a safe structure so that working crews can perform their job safely and efficiently. Although, in previous eras, only wood was the basic material to construct the scaffold but wood can bear a certain amount of load and is not strong and not safe as it should be. Therefore, in modern era the common materials that have been used for scaffolding are the tubes , couplers and sometimes a boards.

The most common material for developing the scaffold today are the tubes. Tubes are further made of different sort of materials such as aluminum or steel. Not only this, sometimes these tubes uses the mixture of two or more materials. The common combination for the tubes include nylon or polyester with glass fiber. Although the tubes that use more than one materials are very expensive therefore these are used very frequently and the tubes made with steel and aluminum are used. In case of steel tubes these are either used in black color or are used galvanized.

History About Scaffold
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